Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My apologies, but now that the triplets are 10 months old, I have no time to post anymore (let alone sit and breathe!). I'm not going to delete the blog just yet, but I can't imagine when I will have time again to write.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 25, 2008

(eat) Gas drops

Apparently we have exceptionally gassy boys. As with most infants, they screamed when they needed to pass gas. But their true gas issues are really from the waist up. We started to give the boys Mylicon Gas Relief Drops when they were only a few weeks old, hoping it would relieve their discomfort. For many, these gas drops do not work. But for us, it relieved the pain from the gas in their stomachs, but not the pain from gas in their bowels.

We would have to burp the boys often throughout a bottle because if we did not, the gas bubbles would want to come up and take all the formula with it causing massive spit ups. We mix large batches of powder formula which creates foam which creates gas in my babies' bellies. So we now add a small dose of Mylicon to every bottle, and it helps tremendously.

Because we go through so much Mylicon, we actually buy the Target brand of infant gas drops. The price difference is unbelievable!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

(sleep) Noise makers

(It seems that caring for 3 growing boys has prevented any new posts in a long time!)

One of the greatest inventions ever would be a noise maker, a sound machine, white noise, whatever you want to call it. When the triplets were about a month old and going through a colicky phase, we were desperate to do anything we could to settle the boys and help them sleep. We watched The Happiest Baby on the Block and learned about "shh-ing", and spoke to other experts explain the benefits of white noise. The noise at this age helps distract them and manages to calm them.

So after much research, we purchase the Marpac Sound Conditioner because it actually creates white noise instead of playing a looping white noise soundtrack. We set it up in a moment filled with 3 screaming babies and it was not loud enough. (We have since learned that you can twist the machine to open the vents to make it louder. So we now keep this noise maker in our room and love it!)

Marpac Sound Conditioner

Since the Marpac model did not seem to work at the time, we purchased the Conair Infant Sound Machine. You may be tempted to use the other sounds like "heartbeat", but from our experience, the white noise was the best for settling screaming babies. We even kept the sound machine in the crib with them when they were tiny and not moving. I remember hearing (I believe on the Happiest Baby DVD) that the inside of the womb was louder than a vacuum cleaner. Or was it a hair dryer? Either way, pretty loud. We found that it helped to turn the sound machine up fairly loud (louder than you're comfortable with at first), and once they settle (or after about 10 minutes or so) turn it down and keep it running all night.

Conair Infant Sound Machine

To this day, we turn the sound machine on for every nap and bedtime. The boys are now trained to know to that it is time to sleep when the sound machine turns on. And amazingly, they wake the moment it is turned off. When we were trying to keep all 3 on the same schedule, if two were awake, we would turn the sound machine off and the 3rd would wake automatically!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

(eat) Hands free bottle feeding

I will state the obvious: it is hard to feed more than one at a time. I have been fortunate in that I am often feeding the boys with someone else. (I'll post how we do this at a later time.) But for those who find themselves with fewer hands than babies, bottle propping is an option. [Big ole disclaimer: Everyone has an opinion on bottle propping. I never had to do it, but I understand that it is a necessity for many. Never leave a baby unattended while feeding!]

The cheap and easy way to prop bottles is to seat the baby in their car seat, bouncy seat or on the boppy and roll/scrunch up a wash cloth or receiving blanket under the bottle. I had no luck with this as our boys have always been squirmy. But it works for many. Some bottle holders on the market include:

Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holder (Their images are copyrighted.) Soft and light holder conforms to bottle size and rests on the babies chest.
Baby Bottle Huggers Stuffed animals hold bottle and keep the baby amused.Bottle Genie Baby Bottle Holder Soft and flexible, the holder can adjust to fit any baby size.

The benefit of these bottle holders is that you can use your own bottles and the ones that the babies are used to and comfortable with. If you are willing to try a new bottle, I have heard many a praise for Podee Hands Free Bottles. They do also make a conversion kit so that you can turn your own bottles into hands free bottles, but I was not able to get this to work with Dr. Brown's.

Purchase Podee products

(mom) Car seat measurements

As the boys near their 22lb weight limit for their infant car seat, we're starting to research our car seat options. But we're also in need of a new car, so we're wondering if we need to get another minivan or if there is a car/SUV that will fit 3 convertible/toddler seats.

And thankfully, Car Seat Data provides measurements for all car seats. So I can quickly do the math to rule out cars with a 50" backseat when we need at least 54".

Do you have 3 toddler seats in a non-minivan? Please share any stories or advice!

(clean) Pampers Rewards Program

One thing that I never thought that I would be a brand snob about was diapers. With the number of diapers we go through a day, beggars can't be choosers. But I quickly learned there is a difference from brand to brand. [Big ole disclaimer, every kid is different and some diapers that work for us, won't work for you and vice versa. So this is just my experience.]

For some reason, my boys have wet through to their clothes every time I have used Huggies diapers. So we would end up using twice as many diapers and would end up having to do laundry more frequently. So we pay a little extra and use Pampers. We were loyal Swaddlers fans through their largest size (2-3) and are now onto Cruisers. We tried the Baby Dry diapers as well, but one of the boys would get a huge diaper rash every time we put him in one.

So all this is to say that we're loyal Pampers customers. And unfortunately, I just realized - on the boys 8 month birthday - that they have a rewards program! Go to Pampers and sign up for their Gifts to Grow program. On the inside of Pampers products, you will find a small sticker with a code. Enter the codes and the site will track your rewards earned. The rewards are things like books, Sears portrait coupons and free Shutterfly prints. But at the very least, you should get coupons for more Pampers products.

Friday, March 14, 2008

(mom) Make your own custom onesie

I enjoy fun crafts, and amazingly, here is a one I actually completed! I managed to make these for Father's Day. Now imagine me sitting on the floor ironing, because I was too tired to stand, with my belly that already measured as if I were 44wks pregnant. Amusing, to say the least. These make great gifts for new moms and are great for multiples (put their name on the onesie/T shirt to tell them apart). My original goal was to make these for the boys' birth announcement. I had designed their full name, time of birth, and weight for each, but the thought of putting the custom onesies on each and taking a photo where it was all readable for all three at once was a bit overwhelming.

I can't take credit for the creativity. A blog that I love (that has nothing to do with babies) is ljcfyi - here is her post on how to make these onesies.

What you need:
* Onesies (wash first)
* Scissors
* Iron
* Iron on T-shirt transfer printer paper

Step 1:
* We didn't have a scanner, so I took a digital photo of my husband as a child. In Photoshop, I edited the photo (erasing the background and the writing on his shirt) and added the text (which comes from a sign in his parent's house).
* Or, you can open Word and use fun font styles and colors to make your design.

Step 2:
* Print the image out on the iron on paper. (The paper comes in white or black/dark, so you can best match your onesie.)

Step 3:
* Cut the image out. Know that the lines that you cut will be somewhat visible on the onesie. (This is why the example from ljcfyi is so clever because she hides the outline with a stitch. I didn't have the energy to do this...)

Step 4:
* Iron according to the package directions. And you're done!